Superintendent’s Message

Meeting May 14, 2018

  • Welcome to our board meeting, hosted by Southwest HS Principal Lee Romero and his Raider Team. Thank you for the warm welcome!Dr. Jannery
  • This is the time of year when students are recognized with awards & scholarships. Our students are recipients of millions of dollars of scholarships that support them in their postsecondary pursuits. Tonight, I’m going to share a just a few examples :
    • 31st Annual Creaser Foundation $6k Scholarship winners – Anthony Colarusso, ELH (Harvard); Kevin Longoria, HH (Stanford); Matthew Han, OLH(University of Penn).
    • F3 Education $1k Award – Jacqueline Estrada, MoH
    • Electrician Apprentices – seven former SUHSD students have been accepted into the apprentice program which is completely covered at no cost to the apprentice.
    • CABE, South County Chapter $1k Senior Scholarships to each high school – Dharma Gutierrez, BVH; Kenya Solis, CPH; Cristina Cerecero, CVH; Arianna Martinez, ELH; Anel Alvarado, HH; Marciel Duverge, MVH; Bryanna Estrada, MoH; Alexandra Martinez, OLH; Dayna Pham, ORH; Isael Hernandez, Pal; Jessica Felix, SYH; Joseline Ceballos, SoH; Susan Chavez, SUHI
    • Community Health Group Awarded $40k to 45 seniors in each of our high schools. The $1500 scholarship given to 16 seniors – Diva Zeckua-Barajas, BVH; Enice Crews, CPH; Eduardo Pintado, CVH; Alvan Lin, ELH; Alma Yadrian Rincon-Gallardo, HH; Samantha Camacho, Ariana Montreuil, Princess Samano, Adriana Sanchez, MVH; Alexis Garcia-Tover, Andrea Ortega, MoH; Eleni Medina, OLH; Dayna Pham, Katelin Tanjuaquio, ORH; Jett Ratsachak, SYH; Amaris Avalos, SUHI
    • Karangalan $1k Scholarship – Gilbert Rosal, BVH; Katelin Tanjuaquio, ORH
    • Ford Salute to Education Program awards $1k to 160 seniors across San Diego County. SUHSD seniors won 13 – Michael Lopez, BVH; Cristina Cerecero, Kaydee Peyro, Marla Vazquez, CVH; Jarred Cole, Haley Felberg, Corinna Lee, Natalie Roberts, Sebastian Soederberg, ELH; Helen DeConcini, Selena Serna, HH: Katelin Tanjuaquio, ORH; Stephany Lopez, SUHI. Each year, of the 160 recipients, one name gets pulled out to receive a brand new Ford of their choice. Maybe you saw the segment on KUSI news, Stephany Lopez form SUHI chose a 2018 Ford Mustang.
    • These are just a few of the many, many scholarships our students work hard to earn and win. Congratulations to all! And, thank you to all the counselors who share those opportunities with our seniors and support them in completing the applications!
    • Other exceptional student achievement news includes:
      • 15th Annual Makaisa Filipino American Student & Parent Conference attracted 600 students, 38 workshops on workforce readiness and Filipino heritage and student performances.
      • Inaugural 2018 Student Conference & Showcase on Issues of Personal, Local & Global Significance this past weekend where about 300 students, 16 workshops, 60 displays of student work.
  • I also want to announce recognitions that were awarded to staff over the past few weeks:
    • On May 7, we recognized more than 500 SUHSD employees. 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, and 45 years of service; plus, around 100 retirees. We also announced Employees of the Year…
      • TOY – Maria Galleher, CVH; Sesha Haynes, SUHI; Katina Rondeau, HHLC; Gina Saclauso-Caro, CVM; Tara Taylor, ELM; Louise Williamson, HH
      • SCGA – Nancy Castro Nieto
      • NAGE – Victor Redd
      • Confidential Employee of Year – Ligaya Quitilen
      • CSEA
        • Paraprofessional – Dorothy Pizarro
        • OTBS – Jovel Rodriguez
        • Operations Support – Jeff Wilderson
      • MASD Employee of Year – Dr. Moises Aguirre
    • Leadership in Biliteracy Award – Parent Algis Reynoso, TOSA Rebecca Robinson
    • Katrine Czajkowski – selected to serve on the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing Committee on Accreditation for teacher/administrator credentialing programs.
    • Karen Hernandez – Region 1 Administrator of the Year for California Continuation Education Association
    • ACSA Region 18 Personnel/HR Administrator of the Year – Amy Hunt; Continuation/Ed Options Administrator of the Year – Molly Ravenscroft
    • For the past two years SUHSD and SWCC has collaborated on our math and ELA curriculum to better prepare students for college while they are still in high school. Math & ELA teams met regularly to review transition data, align curricula, and identify/address other obstacles to students’ college success. Much appreciation and thanks for their work:
      • SUHSD Math Team – Co-Lead Esmeralda Orozco, SUHI; Co-Lead Daniel Crook, TOSA; Christina Ada, BVH; Rachel Griggs-Hopkins, SUHI; Kathleen Monegan, SYH; Melody Morris, OLH; Randi Munch, SoH; Tracie Peterson, MoH; Sesha Haynes, SUHI.
      • SUHSD ELA Team – Lead Gina Vattuone, BVH/TOSA; Colleen Miller, CPH; Ed Gillet, ELH; Marko Gutierrez, SYH; Michelle Clark-Cadwell, OLH; Tabitha Toney-Bump, OLH; Rhea Faeldonea-Walker, HM; Karen Saiki, CVH; Pamela Brittain, SoH; Richard Peterson, ELH; Sandy Hodge, Alt. Ed.
    • SDSU’s Noyce Mathematics and Science Master Teaching Fellows recognizes the following SUHSD teachers: Ben Chan, BVH; Colleen Cooke-Salas, MVA; Rachel Meisner, CPH; Esmeralda Orozco, SUHI; Jeff Rapp, ELM.
  • Why do I share the scholarship info and staff recognitions? Besides the fact that this is the time of year when we reflect and realize goals that have been accomplished, that we’ve hit our targets, that students and staff have made growth, it’s really easy in our busy world to not take time to do exactly this – reflect and recognize…We really have remarkable students and extraordinary staff who teach, support, and mentor as evidenced by the awards, recognitions, and acknowledgment of their outstanding work. Please take a moment of gratitude… and as you approach this coming week and weeks until the end of the year, I hope someone will take the time to acknowledge you and we all can pay it forward.
  • Finally, like our new mission states that we want to “ensure a safe, inclusive, collaborative culture that empowers each student to actively engage in a meaningful educational experience to pursue personal and academic success”… It’s always a treat to catch up with SUHSD students years after their high school graduation. I want to share about two alum in particular – Lindsay Goulet and Heriberto Vasquez. Both were Compact Scholars – Lindsay graduated from SUHI and Heriberto graduated from MoH.Lindsay majored in Science; Heriberto a Comparative Literature/Film major. Both continued their education after they graduated from SDSU.Lindsay completed her teaching credential and has returned to teach science at CVH. Heriberto worked for SDSU’s EOP and mentored Compact Scholars. Both were conferred with a Master of Arts Degree yesterday at SDSU’s 119th Commencement for the College of Education. Lindsay was chosen as the Outstanding Student in her School of Teacher Education Master’s program, sitting on the stage during the commencement ceremony. Heribertoearned a Master of Arts Degree in Postsecondary Educational Leadership and Student Affairs and now works at Grossmont College as an Outreach Coordinator.
  • Professional Growth Board Update May 14, 2018 – PDF
  • This is why we do what we do! And, we do it best together!
  • Thank you for the opportunity to serve and support each of you!

Let’s keep working together to be Sweetwater Strong!

We Are Better Together

Thank you for the opportunity to serve and support each of you!

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