Superintendent’s Message

December 12, 2016

  • DrJanneryWebWelcome to our last board meeting in calendar year 2016. We have been busy working
    together on behalf of each student and each employee!
  • Here’s my message for December:

    ‘Twas the week before break, when all through the district,
    We are feeling some stress, yet quite optimistic.
    With papers to grade and classes to clean;
    The light at semester’s end can finally be seen.But wait, even though our staff is very hard working,
    A Sweetwater fear may be out there still lurking.
    Could this board and new leadership of only 2 years
    Be too good to be true and dispel all the fears?We’ve been through some rough times, but now see the light;
    As a Sweetwater family, our future is bright!
    Our Board of Trustees wants what’s best for us all;
    Equity, safety, and HVAC wall to wall.Sins of the past, we’re cleaning up shop;
    L St. is ours, refinanced bonds, we won’t stop.
    Improved reputation, LCAP Goal #4;
    Systems of excellence, who could want more!We acknowledge the trauma experienced by some,
    And with supporting each other, we will not succumb;
    To the decisions of past, nor actions of old,
    Because this new team comes from a different mold.“Trust and transparency, all voices are heard;”
    “Openness, relationships” are the Board’s words.
    Positive culture where each person’s success,
    Is our #1 goal – it’s what we do best!Now Segura, now Hall, now Tarantino and Pike;
    On Solis, on Cabinet, all employees alike.
    We invite you to join us, move forward as one
    Strong Sweetwater family, second to none!Our board is for real, so sincere and true blue;
    They are doing what’s best for our students and you!
    They listen and have vision, they show up everywhere;
    They work well together, they’re all very fair!

    As the semester winds down,
    To you – a toast and a cheer,
    Warm, happy holidays to all;
    And a safe, healthy New Year!

  • Thank you for the opportunity to serve and support each of you!
    Happy Holidays!


Thank you for the opportunity to serve and support each of you!

Karen Janney, Ed.D.


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