Superintendent’s Message – June 12, 2017

  • Welcome to our board meeting and thank you for joining us!
  • Graduations and promotions are finished. Students are moving on to college, a career or high school! I heard some exceptional student speeches at our ceremonies that shared wisdom beyond their years and inspiration galore! Here are some samples of statements created by our students:
    • We are in motion on our way to success!
    • We can build our future!
    • We all have to have hope!
    • We are all champions!
    • Surround yourselves with people who inspire you!
    • All our dreams are valued!
    • Our lives are intertwined for life as Red Devils!
    • Find your own passion!
    • Time to open a new chapter in our lives!
    • What are the moments that led you to today?
    • YOLO – you only live once!
    • Raise your voice!
    • Our purpose will move us forward!
    • Become our best selves!
    • There is no fear that can’t be conquered!
    • May you have the vision to follow your dreams!
    • The world is calling for our humanity!
    • On to pursue your dreams!

I was so proud of each graduate and student who graduated or promoted!

Shout out to all the administrators and counselors who designed and executed such touching and memorable ceremonies!

  • Right after graduations were done CVH became CIF Baseball Champions in Div. 4 and ELH became CIF Baseball Champions in the Open Division. Congratulations ELH Coach Gallegos and CVH Coach Westlund.  Cal-Hi Sports named ELH as the Team of the Year, ranked #1 in the state by MaxPreps and USA Today, and ranked #3 in the nation by USA Today.
  • Learning in Sweetwater continues into and through the summer break. All middle schools started their summer program on June 5 and today almost all high schools began their summer learning today. HH, SUHI, and CPH are the only schools not offering a summer program at their site due to the HVAC and other construction projects. Keep on learning!
  • Back in March our Board approved principal transfers based on criteria including longevity. As we prepare for the 2017-18 school year, we are also making assistant principals based on similar criteria. We use multiple factors in making these final decisions. We hope that all school sites will welcome their new administrators into their learning communities.
  • Finally, we are grateful for the purposeful collaboration with our labor union partners – SEA, SCGA, & CSEA – in settling all contracts this year. It’s a new day in Sweetwater and we can all look forward to continued cooperation as we approach the upcoming school year. Appreciation is extended to all negotiation teams! We are so much stronger together!


As we close the 2016-17 school year and begin a summer break, I am grateful for this opportunity to serve and support each of you!